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Other Fans & Components

Heat exchangers

Centrifugal Fans

Axial Fans


Axial Fans

Axial Fans

* (Tube) Axial Flow fans
300-2800 mm

- Single- & multi-stage fans

- Imperial & Metric range

* Bifurcated Fans

- direct driven, with motor isolated from system air stream

* Belt-Driven Fans

- Indirect driven, with motor outside the system air stream.

* Variable Pitch in Motion (VPM) Fans

- All the blades are rotatable about their longitudinal axis, between a maximum and minimum angle in their position on a rotating hub.

* Jet Fans

- For road tunnels and underground car parking.

* Smoke Extraction Fans

- F200-F300-F400 etc

- According to EN12101-3 2002 or other specifications.

* Flame proof & Increased safety Fans

- EExd EN 50014 & EN 50018 zone 1

- EExe EN 50014 & EN 50019 zone 1 other than mining

- EEXNA EN50021 zone 2 areas

* Fans with Hydro Propulsion motors