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We are a sales agency and advisors for industrial air technology components based in the Netherlands. We supply:

* A variety of industrial fans
* All different types of heat exchangers

* Ancillaries as silencers, impellers, speed regulators, grills, filters, etc.

We supply to:

* OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) in different area’s

(HEVAC, like air curtains, air-handling units, condensors, evaporators, etc.)

* Project installers for shipping, building, etc.

* Wholesale

* etc.

We are also specialised in fans for underground parking systems as well as
tunnel ventilation (road & train tunnels). For these applications we supply the Smoke Extraction fans and the Jet fans. Fans can be certified for F200, F300 F400 etc. All in accordance with the EN12101-3 2002

RokaTech can be your partner for
large quantities or custom made products. If you wish to benefit from our twenty years of experience in the field of air technology
related components, then please give us a call or send us your request by e-mail or fax.